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Penny Power!

NEOTA's Penny Power Project
(for kids of all ages)
Here is your chance to be Heroes!! Want to know how? Read on.....
If you’ve got pennies around your home and thought they were just pennies, let me tell you that they have Power, a kind of Magical Power to help kids just like you that don’t have all the good things that you and I do, like home, food, medicine, toys, books etc. If you ever heard a story about someone or seen a kid on TV and felt bad or sad, here’s your chance to bring a smile to their faces right from where you are, your home!
This is a fun activity but you will need to use the computer, so please ask your parents if you could participate in NEOTA’s PENNY POWER project to help a kid or two!!
Here is what you need to do:
1. Collect Pennies from here, there, everywhere!
2. Have fun collecting  - search every nook and cranny in your house and see if you can collect the most! 
(Remember, only pennies please!)
3. Select a charity to donate the pennies you collected:
4. Bring your gift of pennies with you to NEOTA’s Ugadi celebrations and be a Hero!.
And what’s more is that you can win some cool prizes! The more pennies you give, the better your chances of winning. 
So, what are you waiting for? Get, Set, Go!